Kinect Robot


Perhaps the Kinect would be more popular if it borrowed a page from Nintendo’s R.O.B. and came in a robot form? The eyes are the cameras, and the head tilts just like the Kinect does, the only motorized form of articulation (the arms could be posed manually). I think Japan would’ve loved this!

3 thoughts on “Kinect Robot

  1. Awesome.

    I never heard of this Nintendo robot (before my time), but this would be so amusing to see sitting on top of tv’s. I love the achievement celebration and the “Are you still there” motion; great idea.

    1. It was during my time, but R.O.B.s were such a rare find – I’ve seen/played with one just once. Many people didn’t really know of the R.O.B. back then either. It came and went with little fanfare.

      For those who did know about it, the R.O.B. had a magical appeal. That was until the moment you actually used one. It just didn’t measure up to huge expectations.

  2. Dave sums it up in his comment here about how R.O.B. had all this appeal only to have it all come crashing down when you opened the box… just like the knect did too. This idea is great as it would take both these disappointing accessories and improve them both.

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