The Future Of Geek Landmarks

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As you know geeks are in the early stages of taking over the world. As a show of our dominance we are starting to leave landmarks in our wake that will leave future generations in complete awe of our empire.

Right now we have giant Gundam robots springing up in Japan, the Shire becoming a permanent fixture in New Zealand, and um, a Robocop statue being raised in Detroit. Okay that last one, while cool, means we have a long way to go in North America.

Here is a recent video of that Gundam statue, on sentry duty for his geek masters:

By landmarks I mean places of interest that are accessible by everyone for free. A geek mecca like Legoland is a tourist attraction, not a landmark.

The pilgrimages that geeks take now just to check out filming locations speaks to the appeal and power of geeky landmarks. Whether it’s the original Star Wars sets or a popular location from Breaking Bad, if you’ve built it or filmed in it they will come.

But as I mentioned there is a general lack of quality geek landmarks to check out right now. However if the current trends are any indication we’ll see the following:

Building Ornaments

Whether it’s the Daily Planet globe, a Wayne Enterprises or Luthorcorp sign, eventually a few skyscrapers from around the world will indulge in cosplay for some geek love. I’m a bit surprised Marvel or DC’s headquarters don’t do this already, but c’est la vie. This would be among the cheaper initiatives.

Statues and Sculptures

The aforementioned Gundam statues in Japan are groundbreaking and need to be emulated all over the planet. I would say the North American equivalent would be Transformers or superheroes. Plus these would absolutely mess with archeologists in the distant future.

Entire Towns

Some of you may scoff at the idea of building a town that copied Hill Valley or South Park, but you’d be surprised how many cities are being built every year, with many becoming ghost towns. If only they hired a geek architect. As I stated before the Shire project is a pretty cool idea, one that was attempted previously for the Big Whiskey set from Unforgiven (sorry no link!). Mark my words: geek towns will be built! And they will host Weezer concerts every summer.

Vehicles And Ships

The bombshell from earlier this year that a life-size Enterprise would have been built in Las Vegas is still a very cool notion. It blurs the line of being a landmark and a tourist attraction (it was slated to be a hotel and casino), but at least you can visit it and take photos outside. There are other ships and vehicles which would be great for tourists, like the Sandcrawler, Serenity, and the Planet Express. Just a matter of choosing where to permanently park them. There are plenty of UFO attractions currently, but all lacking that pop culture touch.


A municipal park could be home to outdoor locations seen in a video game, like the fountain from A Link To The Past (see below), or an entire track from Mario Kart — the sky is the limit. Speaking of which, one block from my home they razed several old houses and put in a new park, but prescribed a terrible layout for it. Where are the geek city planners??

Zelda Park


These are all just predictions for now, but you have to admit the appeal of having any of these landmarks become a reality is just huge for us geeks. We’re just going to have to wait until our world takeover is complete in a few years.

3 thoughts on “The Future Of Geek Landmarks

  1. Yeah, like having a giant cockroach model positioned climbing up the World’s Fair ‘saucers’ like the climactic scene in Men in Black. Or some town somewhere having all (or just one) of its clock towers (or just plain old public clocks) set to 10:04. Someone really should set up a “Cafe 80s” though. (With a Lone Gunman video game! LOL)

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