Zelda Lawn Ornaments

Zelda Lawn Ornaments Dave Delisle

So that last post got me thinking about how great it would be for a city park to adopt a Zelda layout, enough to get me thinking about doing a crowdfunding project (still mulling it over). My thoughts then migrated to something a little closer to home – the backyard to be exact. How cool would it be decorate the yard with Zelda-themed lawn ornaments in the style of item pickups? This is a million times better than gnomes!*

These would be ornaments with a little peg underneath that you’d plug into the lawn anywhere you want. It would look like Link invaded your property and struck down all the shrubs (he has issues).

I think this would be a fun DIY project for lawn-loving geeks. I have no idea how you’d make such large Rupees though (any thoughts out there?). For safety reasons I’d want the arrows made out of rubber (or something not stabby in general, as we’ve learned from lawn darts).

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9 thoughts on “Zelda Lawn Ornaments

  1. I so love you ideas!
    Quick and cheap: Carve silk flower foam blocks (or styrofoam blocks for that matter, they both come in assorted shapes and sizes) and paint. Rupees can be spray painted with a can of metallic or pearl for a sparkly/shimmer appearance. 🙂

      1. yeah I thought about that (translucency).. 2 liter soda bottles would work.. score lines to gently fold in and use fishing line to keep them tight enough to hold their shape. Cellophane basket wrap for color..

  2. Best way for the rupees would be to make a sculpt of them, maybe with foam, clay, whatever, then make a mold of it with plaster. If you just make 1 side and mold it twice so you can make a 2 sided mold, and leave a little trail between them, you can then mix clear plastic resin and some resin coloring and pour it into the cast. Then you’ve got a durable plastic rupee that is translucent!

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