Sentinel Robot Public Sculpture/Comic-Con Prop

X-Men Sentinel Robot Giant Head Sculpture Prop X-Men Comic-Con Cosplay Dave Delisle

This is something I that I thought would make for a fun (and geeky) public art sculpture: the severed head of a Sentinel robot from the X-Men comics. It would be neat in a public park, however I feel it would be very much at home on a university or college campus as a nod to the Xavier Institute.

In all honesty I doubt any city or school would permit such a geeky art installation, so I think this would be a neat prop that could be parked at comic conventions. Cosplayers and geeks could get their picture taken with the fallen robot, which would be a pretty cool keepsake.

This art installation/show prop could have lights in the eyes, which adds a bit of flavor. The Sentinel could blink back to life momentarily or stare angrily for prolonged periods of time.

Maybe that fella who built the life-size Skeletor could make this?

If you dig this please check out my take on geeky landmarks.

One last thing: the Sentinels have to be in the new X-Men: Days Of Future Past film, right? That would be awesome.

3 thoughts on “Sentinel Robot Public Sculpture/Comic-Con Prop

  1. wasn’t omnicron also mostly just a floating head at some point?
    are there enough examples for a ‘decapitated exhibit’ (ironic, since only heads would be present)..
    old cylon head, etc etc..
    might also be interesting as a set of busts.

    1. There are other probably other examples, but I wouldn’t want to stage a ‘decapitated exhibit’ unless it was Futurama jar heads. I’d say the Sentinel here would compliment other varying large-scale props (like the Batmobile for example).

  2. Would be interesting to have it flipped on its side, battle worn and with wires hanging from the neck. Perhaps with claw marks from its decapitation?

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