Sons Of Anarchy Blu-Ray Case

Sons Of Anarchy Blu-Ray DVD Case

For Sons Of Anarchy I thought I’d put together a cigar box case that resembled the gang’s meeting table. It features a magnetic gavel lock on the side. To make all the cases easier to extract from the box, I put the discs in CD-sized jewel cases.

Sons Of Anarchy Blu-Ray DVD Case

UPDATE August 15th 2014: FX has announced a new box set (for seasons 1-6) that uses the same approach, but it appears all the discs are placed in a cardboard sleeve that store inside an upright box (also based on the SOA table). It will be available this fall, and includes a slot for the 7th and final season. Here’s a look:

Sons Of Anarchy Blu-Ray DVD Case


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  1. You should make and Sell those I bet you would make a killing of them Id buy one

  2. That’s probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Any chance that might be or sale?

  3. I would like to by one!! damn nice brother..

  4. I would love to buy 2-3 if you are selling please let me know they are bad azz

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