Supernatural Blu-Ray Case: The Devil’s Gate

Supernatural Blu-Ray box set design 2014 Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas dave's geeky ideas

(UPDATE May 13th, 2019) This is an updated design of the original box set, which was based on the front door of the Devil’s Gate (pics here, here, and here). Thought I’d revamp it so the Devil’s Gate is shrunken down to a small lock on a fancy case. It still opens with the Colt that doubles as a key.


The Colt fastens onto the front with a magnet. Maybe it should be chained on, I’m not sure. I wanted a vanilla case that can fit in with the rest of the movie library on the shelf. The black and silver is reminiscent of the car from the show.

This case is ready for all 15 seasons when the show concludes in 2020. That is quite an incredible run! My memory is fuzzy, but I think I caught one of the first episodes right after Smallville, a lifetime ago.

9 thoughts on “Supernatural Blu-Ray Case: The Devil’s Gate

  1. I get this is an old post, but was curious – are you making and selling these awesome blu-ray boxes??

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