Playstation 4 TV

PS4 LCD TV Sony 2013 Dave Delisle

I’ve already gone on record saying TV manufacturers should be more cavalier when it comes to the design of their TVs, and I’m sad to say not much has changed on that front! But what about plain-looking TVs that compliment other products?

And a PS4-themed TV would be a perfect example. This is just a TV with a couple of familiar PS4 design cues and a stand made with the console in mind. It would feature a couple of bells and whistles like additional front-facing USB ports and a perch on top for the PS4 camera.

PS4 Sony TV by Dave's Geeky Ideas

The main screen echoes the touch screen on the Dualshock 4. The TV’s power indicator aligns with the one on the console. The stand is really basic in appearance, but I wanted to ensure the console can breathe okay.

Sony came close to this design on two occasions: they released a TV with a built-in PS2 console (in 2010 oddly enough); and a 3DTV for the PS3. Unfortunately both were on the small side (22 – 24″), and the PS3 one didn’t integrate its namesake console in any way.

What I am seeking is a large 40 – 50″ TV with a smart stand, a few extra USB ports, and a place  to clip the PS4 camera; which is pretty basic in my opinion. And with TVs becoming cheaper than ever, I hope Sony can release something along these lines.

Notes: I also made another version with flip-out controller chargers but thought better of using moving parts (and I don’t have a model of a PS4 controller handy!). Heck, Sony could just issue a standalone stand that could plug into some of their existing TVs (I imagine they use many different stand designs), which is another approach.

One thought on “Playstation 4 TV

  1. Brilliant Idea, I would definitely buy one if it was decently priced. Knowing Sony it probably wouldn’t be though haha

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