Star Wars Cooler

Star Wars sandcrawler cooler design by Dave Delisle

As you probably know, geeks enjoy going to the beach so they can kick sand at helpless muscleheads, because we need to assert our dominance constantly. All of the taunting and bullying can make a geek thirsty, so it’s imperative to keep cold beverages nearby. With that dilemma in mind, I give you: the Sandcrawler cooler!

A cooler based on the Sandcrawler is ideal for, well, sandy terrain. It features your standard insulated ice box, with an additional storage compartment at the front of the vehicle.

Star Wars Sandcrawler Cooler by davesgeekyideas

You could probably add an iOS dock, speakers, and a blender to the front of the Sandcrawler as well, features that are trendy for coolers nowadays. However I prefer a rugged case that has no electronics to deal with. Call me old-fashioned when it comes to coolers.

Star Wars Sandcrawler Cooler by davesgeekyideas

The fake treads have embedded wheels, allowing you to pull this cooler around like luggage. The handle telescopes from the underside of the cooler.

Sorry I didn’t gussy up the exterior of the Sandcrawler with rust and panel lines, I wanted to convey a plausible “hack an existing cooler” look. Also I already went overboard on this silly concept, which is really just a pun brought to life, if you think about it.

With this Star Wars cooler, you’ll be the coolest geek at the beach. Well, more so than usual.

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