Transforming Arcade Cabinet


Here’s an arcade cabinet that can transform into a driving cabinet, ideal for playing a greater variety of arcade games while saving some space in your living quarters. This is my dream gaming device, allowing me to stand up and play Pac-Man, or sit on my butt and play American Truck Simulator.

Transforming Arcade Cabinet GIF

This is made possible by placing 2 LCD screens back-to-back (arcade purists hate LCD’s, sorry). The angle of the screens is perfect: leaning back for the standing side, and leaning forward for the sitting side. Optimal viewing either way.

You just pull the front of the cabinet forward (it has wheels), to access the driving seat. All of the electronics are stored in the front section of the cabinet, so you just have to worry about the power cord having enough slack underneath the driver seat.

Transformers Arcade Cabinet by Dave Delisle

After you pull the front forward, one or both side panels slide forward like the large doors on a minivan, opening up access to the cockpit. These side panels could also pivot outwards like car doors, or even raise upwards like gullwing or Ferrari doors if you wanted.

Once you’re seated, you can enjoy a nice enclosed driving cabinet that delivers a car-like experience. If you want to be even fancier, additional LCD screens could be placed on the interior of the side panels for peripheral views.

The best part is that this design is 2 cabinets in 1, so one person can drive and another can stand and play the normal cabinet at the same time. It’s a complete arcade in your living room.

Those huge cabinets for 4 and 6 player games (like X-Men or TMNT) could probably store 2 seats and 2 wheels, for multiplayer racing.

8 thoughts on “Transforming Arcade Cabinet

  1. Der Dave
    Your sliding cabinet is awesome. My best friend and me will trying to bild it for our ManCave here in Germany. One question is it possible to share the Blue Prints with us?

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