Raspberry Pi Arcade Console

Raspberry Pi Arcade Console design by Dave Delisle

This is a console design for those who like to play classic Arcade games like Pac-Man or Galaga. It’s about the same size as other consoles like the PS2 or Xbox One. You power it on and the marquee lights up, just like an Arcade Cabinet.

So why is this thing so huge for the tiny Raspberry Pi computer? That’s because it’s a storage box for other video game marquees which can be swapped in:

Raspberry Pi Arcade Console design by Dave Delisle

This mockup above is shown with about a dozen marquees, I did that so you can see the layout. In truth this thing could hold about 50 – 60 marquees. The marquees are held in place like the blood slides from Dexter’s trophy case.

There’s plenty of room underneath the marquees for the Raspberry Pi and all the components you’d want to throw inside. The light for the marquee on the front is an LED light box.Raspberry-Pi-Powered-Arcade-Console-Design-by-Dave-Delisle-2017-davesgeekyideas

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