Jewel Case Game Consoles

Jewel Case Game Console by Dave Delisle Final Fantasy Playstation emulation console

I expect we’ll be getting clone consoles for the first wave of disc-based systems (like the PSX, Sega CD, 3DO, Saturn, and Dreamcast) any month now. So I thought I’d put together a console design that can lend itself to all cartridge and disc-based systems.

Jewel Case Game Console by Dave Delisle
PSX module on the left, SNES module on the right.

I felt a jewel case, much like the ones for Blu-rays and DVD’s, would be the perfect housing for clone consoles. This jewel case is one-size-fits-all, accommodating both disc and cartridge systems. You pry it open for discs, cartridges are slotted in the back.

The jewel case can come in several colors, and it has a sleeve allowing you to put whatever artwork you want on the cover, be it console or game-based.

For this design I went with a case that’s about the size of 2 Blu-Ray cases stacked.

Jewel Case Game Console by Dave Delisle

Jewel cases are cheap and easy to replace if they get worn out. They’ll probably be effective in protecting the console within, much like a phone cover.

Here is the main reason I went with this system: the ability to store all inactive systems on a shelf. You just hookup the ones you need, the rest can sit quietly on the shelf.


When the systems are sitting like this, the controller ports are on the bottom protected from dust. The cartridge slot and ports in the back (USB, HDMI) would be against the back of your shelf, also protected from dust.

For me, I would prefer to collect systems in this fashion. They’re compact and easy to store. Plus they’d look pretty cool on the shelf, in my opinion.

2 thoughts on “Jewel Case Game Consoles

  1. It’d be incredible to have every console in a uniform shape and size that I can stack together to store like that.

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