Home Phone Clone Drone

Clone Smartphone design by Dave Delisle

It’s a phone you use at home that clones your smartphone like a remote drone. This is an overly elaborate solution for when you need to charge your phone at home, but don’t want to be tethered to the power outlet when you still want to use the phone. Do read on, I’ll explain.


Plug a smartphone into this cradle to charge it. It then streams the smartphone display to a smaller secondary screen which can be used while the smartphone charges.

The smaller screen features a touchscreen, button inputs, speaker, and audio jack, but it is not a phone, just an LCD display that is remotely streaming everything from the smartphone. It can do everything the smartphone does: talk, text, apps, whatever.

This being a temp phone I envisioned it having a smaller, lower-resolution screen, with a lower frame rate. This is to keep this clone design on the cheaper side, but also to not tax your smartphone too much with the remote streaming, allowing it to charge faster.

When not in use this clone dock functions as an alarm clock, helping justify its presence the remaining 95% of the day. Smartphones typically take 1 to 2 hours to charge.

This dock could also include a “find my smartphone” button, for when you misplace a smartphone at home. This feature would require a dedicated app on the smartphone to receive and respond to the search request.

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