Jurassic Park Tablet Theater

Jurassic Park Tablet Theater design by Dave Delisle

I haven’t done a Jurassic Park design in a long time, so how about this…boring desk? I’ll clear up the confusion shortly, but first let me start off by saying that I was inspired by this neat Millennium Falcon Theater. In that setup a tablet device is elevated, allowing users to lie underneath it and watch movies.

How this design works is you open the drawer, which is about as thick as a cutting board, place the tablet in the open frame and close it up:

Jurassic Park ipad tablet desk by Dave Delisle

Then you lie underneath and look up at the display:

Jurassic Park tablet theater by Dave Delisle

And now the Jurassic Park element reveals itself: an angry T-Rex is closing in for the kill. The dinosaur image is affixed to the bottom of the main table surface (and some of the drawer). Rawr.

The kids were lying down on their backs trying to fend off their attacker, so people lying under this desk would be in the same position.


Separating you from T-Rex is a clear acrylic sheet. This is meant to represent the glass bubble dome of the Ford Explorer. I went with a sheet that is bent at both ends but it could be a flat surface as well.

I could’ve painted the table up in red, yellow, and green colors to mimic the Ford Explorer, but I wanted something that would blend into the scenery and could be used as a normal desk too.

One drawback is you’ll need a remote to control the iPad, unless you forego the clear acrylic. Bluetooth speakers or an embedded wire for headphones would also be needed for quality sound.

Originally I wanted the iPad to sit on top of the clear acrylic but that material scratches real easy apparently, so I had to suspend the device in the drawer. Acrylic is much safer than glass too, it doesn’t shatter; kinda like the glass (plexiglass?) in the film.

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