Virtucon Gaming Table


This could also be a desk (like this) or a conference table (obviously), but the sunken map makes for a good play area, which are common in gaming tables. The map can be a monitor as well, but I much prefer a light box setup.

I wanted to cover the map/playing surface when the table is not being played with, so I incorporated this dramatic system where the middle table leafs can be stowed automatically:


I really wanted something that can be done by one person easily, and would look as fancy as a James Bond film.

Just raise the two end planks out of the way, and the two middle leafs will slide below automatically. This is made possible by a rail system:


There are four rails, two on each side, to help keep the leafs level. When the end planks are raised, the leafs just slide down the inclines. The animation shows the leafs moving simultaneously,  in reality one side would be done at a time.

The end planks could also be pulled back to free the middle leafs (old animation).

There’s lots of room for storage and drink holders around the edge of the table. A special mat may be needed to cover the Virtucon map when playing other games.

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