Aliens Power Loader Arcade Cabinet


This “sit down” arcade cabinet design was inspired by the Atari Star Wars arcade game. The Power Loader features controls on the arm rests, just like in the film. For this mockup the monitor is in a plain cargo container, but it could be turned into the Alien queen with some good side art.


To get inside the enclosure, the roll cage swings open. The arms could also swing upwards (from the shoulders) if more clearance is needed. The entire chair section could also roll back from the monitor section for more access.

Update: I made the roll cage smaller. It was originally big so it wouldn’t impede the controls or block the screen, but if it’s positioned close to the body it should be okay. I also added legs. Original design can be seen here.

Notes: to answer a few questions I have received – the roll bar cage is huge so it doesn’t impede the view of the screen or access to the controls. The “flat” appearance of the robot is to simulate the thing being built out of particle board (with T-molding added), just like a normal arcade cabinet. You could add a 3-point safety seat belt if you wanted, I just think it would be a pain to use.

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