Batman: The Animated Series Blu-Ray Case

BATMAN the animated series blu-ray case design by Dave's Geeky Ideas Dave Delisle 2011

This design is a canister based on the cylinder-shaped parking spot in the Batcave seen in Batman: The Animated Series. A cover slides out of the way, allowing access to trays that swing out for accessing the discs. There is probably enough room for the complete series and all of the related films.


The trays swinging out was inspired by Batman throwing a Batarang. I suppose the Batmobile could rotate on a revolving platform (would need batteries), much like in the show.

16 thoughts on “Batman: The Animated Series Blu-Ray Case

      1. Wouldn’t the cylinder have to be taller, it’s hard to believe that each volume would fit on a single disc each in high def.

      2. What materials did you use for the making of this awesome project. Was it ever made to put on the market?

  1. This is spectacular! I think AMC must have seen this when they were creating the Breaking Bad complete series barrel.

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