If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture Part 1: Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Shelves

Wouldn’t it be fun to have the girders from Donkey Kong on your wall? They’d make a fine series of shelves if I may say so. I would also include some barrels for plants or to store other items.

It appears a designer named Igor Chak beat me to this idea, so kudos to him (I didn’t find any existing designs when I originally conceived this design).


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    But yeah, awesomeness, keep up the good work.

  2. You probably shouldn’t add umlauts however you please just to make it look Swedish… Kön is Swedish for gender. 😉

  3. I would buy these in a heartbeat. Brilliant, brilliant work! Love the Portal mirrors, love the Fortress of Solitude nod, the Guitar Hero carpet, the Donkey Kong shelves, and the Tetris homage the best. I hope someone who can bring these to market contacts you!

  4. Really cool geeky furniture etc. I really like them. I hope that some furniture company sees these and wants to make them. ^^

  5. KingOfTheTramps

    Cracking ideas, i would get the DK girder shelves in a heart-beat. good work dude.


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