Dr. Who Tardis Blu-Ray Case

Tardis Blu-Ray DVD Case Doctor Who 2011 Dave Delisle dave's geeky ideas

The jewel cases would have to be CD-shaped for this design to function, otherwise this is pretty straightforward. An image of the control console adorns all the spines of the individual cases. The signs and top light could illuminate as well, there’s room at the top for batteries and a switch.

16 thoughts on “Dr. Who Tardis Blu-Ray Case

  1. The First Series was originally released in a TARDIS shaped-box with the disks attached to the inside walls via plastic sheets. When you opened it the interior of the ship was revealed:


    Which fell apart pretty quickly and were especially a problem through mail order with some arriving crushed or with the discs rattling around inside and scratched. It was later rereleased in a box with a similar design to the rest of them.

    1. Thanks for the detailed reply! I searched and searched but the only Tardis one I found were those normal-sized slip cases boxes. It’s nice to see they did pursue the obvious the first time around. I imagine the leading culprit was the fact there weren’t enough discs to warrant such a large case, hence the loose discs.

      If they do attempt this again, hopefully it will be similar to the design above – plastic with lights (and sounds too – why not). You need to go all out with collector sets these days!

  2. Brilliant idea and love that you were thinking ahead with the extra space…always ends up being a problem with me. I hope they take your cue on this because as I noted before it is BRILLIANT!

    1. Thanks! I recommend you find a CD rack and build on top of that. You could use poster board methinks, though if you are skilled with woodworking you could use particleboard.

  3. Hvor kan jeg kjøpe det skapen er så interessert i det skapet kan du please si hvor man kan kjøper det han?????????

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