James Bond Car Cigarette Lighter Covers

James Bond Seat Eject Car Lighter Cover Dave Delisle 2013

This is pretty simple: a car lighter cover (or replacement car lighter plug) that looks like a whimsical button you’d see in a James Bond car. The button would be labelled “Passenger Seat Eject” or “Missiles” or “Machine Guns” or what have you. Personally I would go with the Seat Eject one to intimidate passengers. It being plugged-in the cigarette lighter this could also illuminate (repeatedly blinking on and off) for a more authentic look.

James Bond Cigarette Lighter cover by Dave's Geeky Ideas

Much like my Spy Hunter car stereo design, I always thought it would be fun to add a bunch of fake buttons to the console of your car for that “double-0 agent” feel. Maybe something can be done along the lines of a USB charger that plugs into the lighter (I might have to tackle that design one day).

7 thoughts on “James Bond Car Cigarette Lighter Covers

  1. Now, this is something right up my (Hogan’s) alley. I already do custom car antenna covers, and have made some cigarette-lighter cover plugs featuring various coins, so this seems to be a workable tangent.
    Hopefully, my next car will come with a bunch of extra blanks in the paneling for switches.
    (I’d love to put on various fake gauges and labels like: Light Speed, Ridiculous Speed, Ludicrous Speed; or Lock 1, Lock 2, Loch LeMonde; maybe a VU KITT-style meter for the stereo. Ooh! I just thought, Williams Daniel’s voice for the GPS!!!!! “KITT” giving you directions! Aaaahhh!! Yes!!)

    Sorry, Geek Overload. Must log off now.

    🙂 David

      1. Did my research – There *is* a KITT/William Daniels voice available for both TomTom and Garmin devices.

  2. What’s the price on your “PASSENGER EJECT” cigarette lighter (or cover)? I want to buy one.

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