James Bond Car Cigarette Lighter Covers

James Bond Seat Eject Car Lighter Cover Dave Delisle 2013

This is pretty simple: a car lighter cover (or replacement car lighter plug) that looks like a whimsical button you’d see in a James Bond car. The button would be labelled “Passenger Seat Eject” or “Missiles” or “Machine Guns” or what have you. Personally I would go with the Seat Eject one to intimidate passengers. It being plugged-in the cigarette lighter this could also illuminate (repeatedly blinking on and off) for a more authentic look.

James Bond Cigarette Lighter cover by Dave's Geeky Ideas

Much like my Spy Hunter car stereo design, I always thought it would be fun to add a bunch of fake buttons to the console of your car for that “double-0 agent” feel. Maybe something can be done along the lines of a USB charger that plugs into the lighter (I might have to tackle that design one day).

13 thoughts on “James Bond Car Cigarette Lighter Covers

  1. Now, this is something right up my (Hogan’s) alley. I already do custom car antenna covers, and have made some cigarette-lighter cover plugs featuring various coins, so this seems to be a workable tangent.
    Hopefully, my next car will come with a bunch of extra blanks in the paneling for switches.
    (I’d love to put on various fake gauges and labels like: Light Speed, Ridiculous Speed, Ludicrous Speed; or Lock 1, Lock 2, Loch LeMonde; maybe a VU KITT-style meter for the stereo. Ooh! I just thought, Williams Daniel’s voice for the GPS!!!!! “KITT” giving you directions! Aaaahhh!! Yes!!)

    Sorry, Geek Overload. Must log off now.

    🙂 David

      1. Did my research – There *is* a KITT/William Daniels voice available for both TomTom and Garmin devices.

  2. What’s the price on your “PASSENGER EJECT” cigarette lighter (or cover)? I want to buy one.

  3. Hello, Dave?
    I’m interested in this. Could you please tell me how much is it and how to buy one? Thank you very much and look forward to hearing from you.

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