Star Trek Shuttlecraft Tent


Spring is here, so I thought it would be fun to make a geeky tent design that would be perfect for all of your away missions: I present a tent design based on the shuttlecraft from Star Trek. It’s not such a far-fetched idea; Star Trek V began with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy camping in the great outdoors.


This is a 2-man tent design that features an entrance at the back (just like the actual shuttlecraft). The tent stores in a carrying case that splits apart to become the nacelles.


This started as a bunk bed design several months back, but I didn’t want to keep posting bed designs at the time, so I shelved it. Glad I could do something different for the shuttlecraft here.

307 thoughts on “Star Trek Shuttlecraft Tent

    1. Stephanie Mayes | May 22, 2016 at 5:16 pm


      Could not have said it better myself!!! LMFAO!

    2. Paramount,

      Please let me know what person/animal you would like for me to sacrifice to you to make this happen…

    3. I want this as well. I want to sleep in it at Renaissance Festivals so that the future we’ll be present.

    1. I would very much like this tent, then I will boldly go…to a camp ground or even my backyard and enjoy not only the earth but the stars as well. Make it sew.

  1. Blastastic!! I have a side-yard begging me to get this! When? Where? How Much? did I mention When? oh heck, here’s my checkbook, pen, first born…no, can’t do that…ok, I’ll put you in my WILL!!!!

  2. Want!! Grabby hands!!! Throws a truck load of cash at the screen… Although it would need to be a 4 man tent, have you ever slept in a two man tent? There is barely enough room for one person, and certainly no room for gear.

  3. Just be sure to get permission from CBS Productions, which owns Star Trek, before actually attempting to make this into a product. I encountered the copyright issue when I wanted to build a full-scale replica of the original shuttle and tour the country with it, inspiring yet another generation of students to pursue engineering careers, much like the original TV series inspired me and countless others. I built a small-scale proof-of-concept prototype (which you can see here: but when I contacted CBS Productions their response was essentially, “Don’t do that”.

    1. Dude build first ask permission when caught, if you don’t make a profit they can’t touch you. And if you do they get cut in.

  4. I would like have a tent like this too. That’s totally awesome. You are so talented for creating such item. When can I get one from you and how much does it cost? You made my day. 🙂

  5. Start a kickstarter/gofundme campaign to put these into prodution!!!

    I will quite happily donate to it!!!

  6. I command that, this, be made available, to, the public! To boldly go, ehere no man has gone before!

  7. You better secure a contract with a mass manufacturer and distributor quickly. You won’t be able to meet the demand if you don’t.

  8. I know how all of you are feeling about this tent I have a big collection of star trek items and I would just love to had this to my collection and I don’t go camping but if I had one of these I would start for sure. so start making them.

  9. I want one for my daughter. She’s a trekkie after my own heart, and she’s been begging for a tent. This is the perfect tent. Please make this happen?!

  10. Design a bigger one too, some of us like a few passengers. Everyone knows for actual comfort, “two-man” actually means “one-man.”

    If you could add in a food replicator, it’d be perfect for camping. I’d even settle for a marsh melon replicator.

  11. I would like to purchase the Star Trek Shuttlecraft tent. How much does it cost? How do I order it? And if it’s not ready yet then when can I purchase one?
    Thank you very much

  12. With all the junk out there that most fans could careless about, this tent would be a very hot item –
    There is no reason that this shouldn’t be available for the fans who are interested, we aren’t talking about a large investment here ..

  13. I NEED ONE!!! My kids and I need to campout in a shuttlecraft. I’m throwing my credit card at the screen, but nothings happening. SOMEONE HELP ME. I have assimilated this product and I WANT ONE!!!!

  14. Ooh, this I would Love but…. I would like to see the Galileo (from the original series) More.

  15. O.K you have us a;ll on the hook. Now you had better start selling these darned things or you are going to piss off a whole genre of fans, and there are MILLIONS of us.

  16. I need this in my life right now. It would be cool if you released a bigger one though. Also, shut up and take my money.

  17. It is only logical for Starfleet crew to have sleeping quarters while on away missions! Please make it so, no matter the cost – I’ll pay any reasonable amount!

  18. I live in Southern California and go camping all the time. Plus have been a Trekkie since 1966 when the first show aired. I must have this. Please please please make this. I could see about 5 of these sitting in an open desert or wooded mountain now.

  19. Are there plans for manufacture? I see my son’s next Christmas present–he already has the china.

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  21. Dump the poles, go with inflatable elements instead. That’s a WAY easier set up and pack option, than your regular poles.
    Also don’t go TNF. Go Vango, Helsport or Hilleberg, if you decide to keep the regular poles. Go Heimplanet, for the inflatable kind.

  22. I’m not a camper, but I’d camp if I had this tent! Shut up and take my money already … associated idea … camp chair that looks like the Captain’s chair on the Enterprise … Make it so!

  23. Yes please makes this. I am crying because I want it so badly and it doesn’t exist. Please please please!!

  24. When will this be available? How day could we get it? My son is getting deployed in a few months and I would like to get this for him and my grandson to camp with before he leaves.

  25. This would be amazing for my daughter and I to play space adventures with !

    My daycare centre would also love two

    So disappointed I can’t find a “buy me now” button

    Just great work

  26. FYI, seems this fella Dave Delisle has a number of cool, geeky product ideas y’all might wanna check out: …also, remember, don’t just post about how much you love it or wanna buy it. Remember to click “like” on any & all of his ideas he’s posted for our consideration. Oh, and I see he is also on Facebook (isn’t everyone these days?) so I definitely liked on his Facebook! 🙂

  27. You need to make a roof box version of this to sit on top of the car so it looks like the shuttle has docked with me….. Here’s my cash…

  28. Paramount,

    Please let me know what person/animal you would like for me to sacrifice to you to make this happen…

  29. I NEED. This tent. Tell me when and how soon it will be available. Take my money. My nephew MUST HAVE this for his scout camping trips. Must.

  30. I haven’t been camping in over 10 years, this would bring me back! I keep putting money in that slot on my computer where the cup holder comes out… And pushing the foot peddle… Where is my tent, I’ll pay extra if it makes sounds too and has blinking lights….

  31. I am 76 years old and almost retired nurse. My 2 boys have converted Star Trek. I would love to have this tent to share with my 2 sons and 5 grandsons and grandaughters.
    Many wonderful memories.
    However my finds very limited and would try to get one to share.

  32. This is so absolutely wonderfully amazing! Only one question…… Where can I get my hands on one!?!?!?

  33. How do I buy this?!!!!!!! Seriously, how do I buy this? It is by far the greatest tent I’ve ever seen in the entirety of my life. I must have it!

  34. This phrase is in each email with a couple areas of it highlighted for links to click on for making changes.

    “Want less email? Unsubscribe from all follow-up comments or modify your Subscription Options.”

  35. That would be so awesome! I could see my boys camping out in the living room in that while watching Star Trek.

  36. As a life-long fan, growing up on the classic reruns even before TNG ever came out, I love this. I would be even more excited if the shuttle’s name were Goddard – because of Relics.

    At present, I am in college, so I could not afford one (assuming it were for sale), but if I get into my chosen career, I would have a hard time saying no…

  37. If you do not make this in mass quantities I will feed your Pe”taq carcass to the targs other than that Dif tor heh smusma Live long and prosper Qapla

  38. Contact ThinkGeek and make this happen! I want one to take on my camping trip in Idaho this August to see the solar eclipse. And of course to Vasquez Rock.

  39. There has GOT TO BE some geeky manufacturer out there that will put this pinnacle of nerd camp-gear into production…please send this idea to all of them…I MUST HAVE! 😀

  40. Just weighing in here and registering for updates – I would do instantly buy this it actually hurts. PLEASE sort out a crowd funding page?!?! #LLAP

  41. I only just saw this on facebook today.
    Will this be made for real? ~~\(0.0)/~~
    I really want to go camping someday.
    But, since i’m a 30year old Autistic woman with a fear of the dark(its just not going away xD i’ve tried)& anxiety issues XD this would be a major incentive & help immensely if it existed. I tried camping in the back garden once as a child, but got too scared & came back in doors when it got dark & a wee bit wind blew with a bit rain(i had a Gizmo cuddly too xD). If i could pretend i was Starfleet(science officer, possibly medical)on an away mission though, i might be able to brave it longer.
    Please please considering making it for real?
    I’m sure a lot of people would buy it.
    Though, obviously it’ll need promoted well too.
    Maybe it might sell enough to be able to make different shuttlecraft designs/prints?

  42. I need at least three of these :). They would be perfect when I am going on digs and other anthropology/archaeology trips. Even just for normal camping here in Colorado.

  43. I think the general consensus is why is this not an actual thing yet and how can we make it happen.

  44. Why? Just, why would you show something this totally cool and amazing without it actually being for sale??? I’m in my 50’s and would totally buy it!

  45. Think Geek or another company should’ve jumped on this and shoved barrels of money at you for this. I would start budgeting to buy this and I don’t particularly like camping.

    Crowd fund this bad boy,

  47. Can you make one that sleeps 8-10 people?
    I have a large family.
    If you wanted to keep it in scale with this brilliant piece you could design companion tents with either the Runabout, Captains Yacht or Defiant shell.
    If make it sleep 8-10 I’ll buy one!

  48. How many visited this site to buy this, only to discover there’s no means to do so. Beam one down at these coordinates scotty. This native is restless.

  49. You’re losing money as we speak. This is easily marketable, I suggest you get on with setting up a deal to have them manufactured ASAP. Hire someone to take the steps and measures required to accomplish that if need be. The longer you wait the more money you lose that could be going to develop or produce the other ideas.

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