Metroid Gunship Tent

Metroid Gunship Tent design by Dave Delisle

Another spaceship-as-a-tent┬ádesign for your eyeballs, this time based on Samus’ trusty Gunship from the Metroid series. Can you imagine seeing this parked at a campsite? The tent’s owners clearly mean business, whether its exploring, hunting, or um, sitting inside playing video games all day — all valid reasons to own such a tent.

This design is based on a real tent, but for the life of me I cannot find it right now so you’ll have to take my word for it (Edit: it was this one). The door is on the opposite side of what is seen above, though it can be placed at either side too. Sorry, no way to exit out the top unless you have a hydraulic lift at your disposal.

Metroid Gunship Tent design by Dave Delisle

This is a large family tent for 4-6 people. While big it probably wouldn’t be a life-size replica of the gunship. It would still look intimidating wherever you set it up though!

I didn’t draw one up, but a Morph Ball lantern would be a cool item to go with this. It could hang inside to serve as the interior light. Optional: the red engines have a translucent material (like the window) to make them illuminate at night, but that might be a pain to incorporate into the panels.

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