Atari Flashback Redesign

Atari Flashback console redesign by Dave Delisle

AtGames will be releasing their 8th Atari Flashback this fall (the first for HD displays), and judging by early reviews it’s a very good system at a great price. That’s the good news, the bad news is these Atari’s are kinda ugly! The big buttons on the console look as though Playskool or Fisher Price designed an Atari for toddlers, that’s the nicest way I can describe it.

So I threw together the above concept. The buttons are capsule-shaped with a silver accent, reminiscent of the original 2600. The iconic wood fascia with Atari logo is also restored, and the controller ports are moved to one side. Lastly, some colorful labels by the controls are included. I feel this looks prettier.

The upcoming Genesis Flashback HD (also by AtGames) does look great, so they are capable of putting out some decent-looking products. My hope is they attempt a visual upgrade for the 9th Atari Flashback, or at least one aimed at grownups.

Somewhat related, the new Ataribox sports a very sweet design.

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