Rocket League Foosball Table

Rocket League Foosball table by Dave Delisle dave's geeky ideas davesgeekyideas

This is actually a mini Foosball Table, I chose this 4-rod layout to mimic Rocket League’s 4v4 “Chaos” matchup. I don’t know if this is feasible as a real product, mostly because of the detailed shape of the cars compared to the simple paddle feet of normal foosball players, which could hamper play.

This is a no-frills design. LED’s could be added to the goals and field (for powerups). A glass bubble would make this look like a Rocket League stadium. The ball could resemble the one from the game too (complete with lights). I just wanted something as simple as me.

3 thoughts on “Rocket League Foosball Table

  1. Damn, love foosball and love RL, please try to make it a real thing, definitely would pay. And if I may, wouldn’t 3 cars per road be better?

  2. Nice foosball table with excellent design. I hope one day I will make this layout table. But, how much money can it cost to make it properly? Thanks in advance 🙂

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