Iron Man Garage Set


After I posted that THOR Hammer Tool Box a few months ago my first thought was, Iron Man is the handy one, he should get a cool tool set too. Tony Stark’s love of cars inspired me to create something specifically for garage-dwelling gearheads: a DUM-E robot comprised of things found in your typical¬†garage.


DUM-E is¬†made up of a shop-vac, pressure washer, mechanic’s creeper, and leaf blower. The latter three all attach to the main vacuum body, and can be removed as needed.Iron Man DUM-E Garage Set by Dave's Geeky Ideas

When fully assembled DUM-E also has a spotlight on its claw to help illuminate your current repair job. Other handy features like a built-in Bluetooth speaker would be welcome for many mechanics, I imagine. Maybe a fire extinguisher could be stored somewhere as well.

Personally I feel it would be cool to have Iron Man’s robot sitting idly in your garage! More so than a bunch of separate tools/appliances strewn about, in my opinion.

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