TRON Gaming Desk


The Light Cycles are speakers, and the computer is built into the desk behind the illuminated TRON logo. But that’s not all! The main desk itself is a Recognizer vehicle.

Tron Gaming Desk by Dave Delisle

To enhance the Recognizer, it is layered with the glass panes to recreate the look of its “separately floating” parts. For stability the desk is anchored into the walls at the back.

Tron Gaming Desk by Dave Delisle

This takes me back to when I was really enthusiastic about illuminated gaming rigs. Now I’m pretty low-key; my desk and computer is matte black, as though they belonged to some techno-goth.

2 thoughts on “TRON Gaming Desk

  1. Do you actually built your ideas and if so, do you have request from costumers? The reason why I’m asking you this is because I’m very interesting in a few of the items you have posted.

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