A Budget Nintendo Switch For Couch Gamers

Screen-free Nintendo Switch design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

The Nintendo Switch was unveiled today, and it’s an impressive console that captures the best of both worlds: console and handheld gaming. There’s a lot to like here, I personally think the controller configurations have a lot of potential.

What is surprising to me is that the Switch is now a single screen experience, whether it’s plugged into the TV console dock or taken on the road, the dual screen experience of the Nintendo DS/3DS and Wii U is gone (no more touchscreens or styluses either).

I will likely take the plunge for this system, but a part of me wanted a more frugal and simple version of what was presented: a Switch without the tablet.

That’s right, a version of the Switch hardware without the tablet, leaving a basic console-and-controller tandem for TV gaming. I feel Nintendo could offer such an alternative console to couch gamers, or budget-minded gamers who want a cheaper Switch now but plan to buy the tablet later.

When the Switch tablet is plugged into the TV dock, you’re essentially getting a back-to-basics Nintendo system. No Wiimotes, no motion controls, no fuss. That alone holds a lot of appeal for me, so the mobile tablet is a bonus, and not a necessity for me personally.

Yes I’m weird, I prefer to play console games on the TV, as my mobile tastes are for simpler and shorter games. I’m unable to immerse myself in big games while I’m on the go.

Nintendo has sort of done this before: they released the 2DS handheld, a no frills version of the 3DS that ditched the 3D display and clamshell design. It is a cheaper alternative for gamers who just want the basics.

I’d be happy with a classic controller and a black box, but would prefer a console design that is fun and whimsical.

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