A Budget Nintendo Switch For Couch Gamers

Screen-free Nintendo Switch design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

The Nintendo Switch was unveiled today, and it’s an impressive console that captures the best of both worlds: console and handheld gaming. There’s a lot to like here, I personally think the controller configurations have a lot of potential.

Mario Kart Torsion Pendulum Clock

Mario Kart clock design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

3 o’clock? More like Luigi o’clock, amiright? I say this because the hands on the clock look like an ‘L’…okay that joke was funnier in my head.

Anyways, whenever I see one of those fancy torsion pendulum clocks, specifically ones with the the orb-shaped weights, I am reminded of the Koopa shells spinning around a racer in Mario Kart.

Super Mario Wii U External HDD Case

Wii U external hard drive design by Dave Delisle 2012 dave's geeky ideas davesgeekyideas

This is an external hard drive design for the Wii U. The question box acts as a power indicator, the light sequence (which mimics a coin jumping out of the question box) indicates a read/write process, so when you download a game or a save happens, you’ll see the coin jump.