New York Movie Theater

NYC movie theater design by Dave Delisle

Sometimes I will post a dud here (okay most of the time I do). When a post falls flat and doesn’t draw any clicks I will nuke it from orbit. I made and posted this NYC-themed movie theater design in the summer of 2016, thought I’d re-post it now because I do like it, warts and all.

The exterior, from left to right: LEON The Professional, Godfather II, and Ghostbusters. Leon was chosen for the building type, couldn’t find another movie location that fit as well.

The entrance is the GB Firehouse main door, the exit is the red door of the Macaroni Company. The concession, washrooms, projection booth, lounge, and stairwells were in the Firehouse, the rest of the building was for the theater.


The snack bar was Janine’s desk. The entrance to the main seating area was through the Ghostbusters lockers. I made sure to include the washrooms for some reason, but I feel bad for not throwing an elevator in there somewhere.

The top floor is a premium balcony and lounge, as this area was meant for adults only. The lounge and stairway would be curtained off when a show was on. The projection booth featured a projector painted like a Taxi, a nod to the film Taxi Driver.

This was accidental, but the person who takes tickets can do so for the main seating and the balcony seating, all from one spot.

The main stage was a match to the one seen in the 1933 King Kong film, giant handcuffs and all. Sorry, no pics because I lost those.

I had started on another theater design around the same time as this but I since cancelled it. It was a megaplex based on the Visitors Center from Jurassic Park. It looked almost identical to the locale from the film, but the T-Rex fossil was  on top of a circular concession stand. There were 2 large screens and 6 smaller ones. The layout is similar to the Colossus Langley…maybe they were going for a JP Visitors Center theme too? A lot of familiar design cues in that theater.

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