Green Lantern Bluetooth Speaker And Headphones

Green Lantern Headset and Speaker by Dave Delisle

This is a Bluetooth Speaker and Headphones combo, allowing users to toggle between both audio options for their smartphones. I also added a wireless charging pad for a smartphone — because the Lantern needs to recharge something, right? The wireless pad is optional, I imagine many people would be happy with just the first two items.

The speakers are on both sides, covered by yellow LED lights. The lights activate when the Bluetooth speaker is powered on, or when a smartphone is charging.

The Bluetooth Speaker acts as a cradle for the headphones (which could feature wireless Bluetooth as well). Obviously you can’t lift up the Lantern by the “handle” and carry it around, the one big fail of this design.

Green Lantern Headset and Speaker by Dave Delisle

Not shown are USB ports, power port, and audio jack on the back of the device. This could come with a Green Lantern ring, but I figure someone who’d want this already has one.

I’ve seen Beats headphones that are one solid color, so a completely green pair of headphones is do-able.

At the moment I think only Razer could make something like this. They sell headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and wireless charging pads — albeit for their gaming mouses.

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