PlayStation 5 Concept

Playstation 5 PS5 Sony concept by Dave Delisle

Last year a Sony executive said that the company “can’t ignore the Nintendo Switch”, so that got me thinking: would they copy Nintendo? Perhaps not outright, but they could steer their next PlayStation in that direction if they really wanted to.

Personally I would make the PS5 a traditional home console that could be upgraded with a mobile component, if the consumer wanted. You’d start off with the console and controller, then buy a handheld device separately.

Playstation 5 PS5 Sony concept by Dave Delisle

In this case the handheld device would be similar to a PSP or PS Vita. The games would migrate from the console to the handheld on demand, just like a Switch.

The handheld would dock on the console, the top of which is a wireless charging pad (this could be used to charge game controllers too). Games and data would be transferred wirelessly.

For games I couldn’t choose between discs or storage cards like the Switch. Who knows, maybe Sony will select neither and go completely digital for games in their PS5. Eventually a game platform (besides PC) will go fully digital for games, will it be the next generation of consoles?

I doubt Sony would do anything similar to the Switch’s detachable Joycon controllers. They would probably release some standalone compact controllers that could be used in a similar fashion, though most likely for use with their PSVR headset.

Yes the console is the shape of a loaf of bread. I shouldn’t design when I’m hungry.

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