AtGames SEGA Handheld Redesign


There have been several iterations of this SEGA handheld released by AtGames over the years, and I always thought they looked soooo close to resembling the Dreamcasts’s VMU device. Thought I’d post a mockup.

These handhelds are decent for the price. They have a good screen, rechargeable battery via USB, some built-in games, and an SD card slot so you can add some more games. I never pulled the trigger on one because of their well-known sound issues.

However if they did release a VMU or Game Gear-styled version, that may be enough for me to buy one.

Bonus: SNK announced their NEO GEO mini this week (left). It resembles a “candy” cabinet that is exclusive to Japan. If they did release this in North America, I’m hoping they do a version that resembles their famous red and black cabinet (right):

NEO GEO mini Red cabinet redesign by Dave Delisle

The colorful arcade buttons would also be more faithful to the red cabinet.

When I did the red mockup I didn’t realize the shape of the cabinet was unique to the candy cabinet, so a North American version could be more boxy in appearance.

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