Hockey Rec Room Design

Hockey Rec Room Design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

This is an old design that I’m bringing over from my hockey blog. It is the hockey pad of my dreams! The centerpiece of the design is a floating entertainment unit that is mounted onto a wall (adorned with a crowd mural) that looks like an NHL scoreboard, this is where the TV sits.

Flanking the TV are shelves and panels that slide open to access electronics and media.

The Zamboni in the corner is a mini fridge that can also hold kegs of beer. The floor is a shiny laminate rink. The futon couch and chair look like goal nets. Above the TV is a Budweiser Goal Light. Speakers and banners hang from the ceiling to complete the arena look.

A few years ago a giant beer company approached me about making this a real thing, part of a sweepstakes prize package. They backed out a few days later, I’m guessing it was because they didn’t have any hockey sponsorships at the time. Was an exciting few days though!

4 thoughts on “Hockey Rec Room Design

  1. Amazing job! I love how you made the TV look like a Jumbotron. Would you be so kind as to share how you made it? I would love something like that for my man cave. Thank you!

  2. Would you be able to share your design plans …. I would love to do something similar at my place. Cheers

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