Canadian Army Knife USB Keychain

Swiss Army Knife USB power bank wall adapter 2019 Canadian Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas Dave's Geeky Ideas

That’s right, Canadian Army Knife, because what have the Swiss ever done? Nationality aside, this is something I would’ve liked a month ago when I was traveling: an all-in-one USB thingy so I’d have less junk to deal with.

It is a wall adapter (for two devices), USB thumb drive, and power bank for when the phone is low on juice. All of these in a handy Swiss Army Knife package, so I’ll give the Swiss props for that, I guess.


There are a million pocket knives with a built-in USB thumb drive, but nothing that can convert into a wall adapter or power bank. This could also come with an SD card reader and different-shaped USB ports, but I wanted to keep it simple.

No knives or scissors, I don’t want the TSA confiscating this at the airport. I guess it truly is Canadian to not have any weapons on here, eh?

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