Unified Super Mario NES Covers

Unified Super Mario NES cover art box 2019 dave delisle davesgeekyideas dave's geeky ideas

This was just a personal pet project to make all three Super Mario games for the NES look uniform in appearance, mainly in the style of Super Mario 3. The lower wordmark logos were for the sides of the box (and the top of the cartridge label too). Nothing against the first two games’ box art, which are iconic, this was just for fun.

The goal was to print these for some plastic clamshell boxes (like these ones I have) for display on my shelf, but I gave these games away to my nephews last year. Might still do this if I ever get the games again.

7 thoughts on “Unified Super Mario NES Covers

  1. Stumbled upon these in a Google Image search, and just wanted to say how much I absolutely adore them!! But I had an idea to tweak these if that I just couldn’t help but share… On MY dream covers, I would use the basic Jumping Mario on the Mario 1 cover, and re-work the Fireball Mario idea into throwing a turnip instead, since Mario 2 is more designed around throwing mechanics! 🙂 Just my two cents! Would love to see high-res versions of these, but I understand if not!

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