Donkey Kong Jeans

Donkey Kong Jeans Dave Delisle

These Donkey Kong jeans would feature stitching that looks just like the steel girders and ladders from the game, as well as barrel-looking fasteners and buttons. Perhaps the odd embroidered character too.

For me I would limit this style to the jean pockets, though I imagine the girls could sport a pair of jeans that were fully encompassed in this kind of stitching. This design would work best on darker-colored denims.

Maybe DKNY could make these?

NHL Socks

NHL socks calgary flames boston bruins edmonton oilers 2011 Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

You can buy NHL-branded socks that feature the team colors, logo, and nickname. But what about socks that look just like the ones the players are wearing? No such thing exists! It’s weird. Perhaps they are too generic in appearance?


Logos could be tacked on but I don’t think they are necessary. Would be nice to just buy a pack of these at a Walmart instead of those boring white tube socks.

Hungry Hungry Hippos Jewelry

Hungry Hippos jewelry design by Dave Delisle

It’s Friday, so why not something on the fun side? Yup, pearl jewelry based on the board game Hungry Hungry Hippos. Depicted above are a pair of earrings and a necklace, though this could translate into bracelets and rings as well.

Obviously these would be for the geek girl with a sense of humor. That’s because there is an inherent danger in gifting hippo-themed jewelry to your lady friend. You might be safer trying to hug a real Hippopotamus.

BTTF Auto-Lace Shoes

Nike MAG shoes

There has been much hoopla these past 24 hours regarding the announcement of Nike’s Air Mag shoe, which is an official Back to the Future licensed shoe. They are based on those futuristic ‘power-lace’ shoes Marty McFly wore in BTTF II. Read more about them here.