Naked Gun Phone Attachment


This mini police siren attaches to your phone, allowing you to film your own Naked Gun-style intros. It would attach via suction cups or a clamp, allowing it to be oriented in portrait or landscape mode.

Why not make this a Snapchat filter? It would look better to see what you’re filming reflect off the police car and the chrome of the siren, for that authentic look.

Polaroid Digital Camera

Polaroid digital camera by Dave Delisle

Seeing as tablets and phones are getting thinner by the day, why not make a camera the shape of an old Polaroid photo?

Dual cameras on the front and back, a single button, and a touch screen. It’s pretty much a phone minus the apps and connectivity. Why would it exist? Hopefully it would be an inexpensive option like a disposable camera. Plus it would be for people who’d like a nostalgic device.

Besides a micro SD card slot, one (optional) feature it would have is “shake to develop”, where images would slowly come into view, but would appear quicker if the camera is shaken (would require a gyro device within).

View-Master 3D Camera


Cameras are one of those electronic segments that follow the thinner sleeker sexier mantra of design. Well what if you want something clunky, bulky, and straight-up geeky? I give you this simple concept: a digital camera with a View-Master theme. This design is timely, as 3D digital photography is growing in popularity.