Geeky Digital Cameras Part 1: The View-Master

View Master 3D Camera Dave Delisle 2011

Cameras are one of those electronic segments that follow the thinner sleeker sexier mantra of design. Well what if you want something clunky, bulky, and straight-up geeky? I give you this simple concept: a digital camera with a View-Master theme. This design is timely, as 3D digital photography is growing in popularity.

I designed the SD card slot to be on top of the device, just like the photo disk slot of the View-Master, though it can be placed elsewhere. The lever on the side would be used to take pictures, though an alternate button could be placed on top (I forgot to include one). That lever could also be used to cycle through stored pictures – how cool would that be?

View Master 3D Camera Dave Delisle 2011

Ideally it would feature a 3D LCD screen (like the 3DS) for capturing and viewing images. But if you prefer to see 3D the old-fashioned way, then the polarized goggle lenses are available.

This camera screams toy, and could easily be targeted towards kids. However I’d like to argue it carries more appeal with adults – nostalgic geeks especially. Only adults can appreciate the cool factor of this design, and would have no issue carrying one around for taking pictures. It would definitely illicit a positive response from other people.


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  1. Love your ideas – The View-Master products all bring back great memories as a child. I’d certainly buy one!

  2. Just shut up and build it already! I would pay $500 for this, EASY.

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