Transformers Digital Camera

Autobot Matrix Camera by Dave's Geeky Ideas

A few weeks back I designed a digital camera with a View-Master theme. I was hard-pressed to come up with another camera idea that was as much fun. Then I asked myself: what other object would you hold in front of yourself like a camera? It then struck me: The Autobot Matrix Of Leadership.

The handles on the Matrix make for a perfect camera, much like those large box cameras from the 30’s and 40’s.

This design was made possible by using a Ring Flash. Otherwise I’d have difficulty placing the the flash and lens in a way that preserves the look of the Matrix.

4 thoughts on “Transformers Digital Camera

  1. So one would hold it as Ultra Magnus did, does this mean it wouldn’t work for anyone but HotRod? If I may suggest, 1-a trigger release somewhere on the handles so it doesn’t accidently open, and 2-when the shell is opened the lense extends out like when you turn most digis on. Sweet design man. My hat goes off to you.

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