SEGA Genesis Classic Design

Sega genesis classic console design by Dave Delisle

SEGA will be offering a new version of the Genesis Flashback later this year, their answer to the wildly popular NES/SNES Classic editions offered by Nintendo. It features HDMI output and 2 wireless controllers, so what’s not to love? Well it’s made by AtGames, so I strongly advise folks to wait for reviews before buying.

The new Flashback looks fine, but I personally wanted something more simple and compact, so I made the above design. It features a power switch next to the power indicator light! Pretty exciting stuff, I know.

Also I really wanted to see something new, a killer app along the lines of StarFox 2. This is because SEGA games have been widely available for years now, on numerous game platforms (including PC), as well as the previously released plug-and-play Flashbacks.

A new gimmick would be great! How about the greatest SEGA gimmick of all: Sonic and Knuckles!

Sega Genesis HDMI Flashback by Dave Delisle

If it were up to me, I’d release a system where Knuckles is shoehorned into ALL 30-40 included games, not just Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 3. The character would be activated at the push of a button, which in this case is shaped like a Genesis cartridge.

All the games would need to be hacked/modded to make Knuckles a playable character, a difficult but not impossible feat. It would offer a new spin on old games: Streets of Rage & Knuckles, Golden Axe & Knuckles, Out Run & Knuckles, you get the idea.

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