Steam Controller Gaming Laptop

Steam controller gaming laptop 2017 Dave's Geeky Ideas

Many companies offer to publish a guest post/sponsored content here, and I always ignore these requests. That is until recently when a large computer company wanted me run an article about “what people look for in a gaming laptop”, which I passed on but it got me thinking about what I want in a gaming laptop.

The short answer is a built-in Steam Controller. The end result is the gadget equivalent of Homer Simpson’s car, odd-looking and Frankenstein-ish, but this monstrosity is honestly what I want in a gaming laptop. Mock me all you want.

Steam Controller Gaming laptop design by Dave Delisle

The appeal of the Steam Controller is the dual trackpads, a feature which originated on laptops. Splitting the controller and having it flank the screen turns this laptop into a giant handheld gaming device, like a Nintendo Switch or 3DS.


The layout of this laptop is how I imagined holding the device on my lap or on a table. I usually hold game controllers parallel to the ground hence the controller facing skyward on this laptop.

Even if this device weren’t used for gaming, I feel the location of the dual trackpads is very convenient for everyday stuff like scrolling webpages or mouse cursor movement. Most people tend to cradle their laptops where the two flaps meet, so having controls by your thumbs would be very beneficial in my opinion.

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