Prediction: Game Boy Classic Is Next

Game Boy Classic mockup by Dave Delisle

Many folks believe the Nintendo 64 mini classic is next on deck after the SNES classic releases next month, but I’m pretty sure Nintendo wants to remain in the late 80’s/early 90’s era of their history and will opt to release a Game Boy classic handheld instead.

It will have a smaller form factor with the same size screen as the original, and a modern back-lit display. Brightness can be adjusted and even turned off for those who want an old-school presentation for their games.

I believe Nintendo will include games from the Game Boy Color era, hence the full-color display. They certainly have enough games to release a black-and-white version first, and a separate color version later, but I don’t think customers will clamor for 2 versions of the handheld. Best to release original and color games in one go.

Besides a built-in rechargeable battery and a port for a link cable, one feature I’d like to see is a micro HDMI port, allowing this handheld to be plugged into a TV for some large screen gaming.

I’m guessing 25+ games will be included, with the same menu and save state options as the NES and SNES classic. Ideally battery notifications will be onscreen (10% charge left, 5% charge left) like a phone, instead of the battery indicator light from the old Game Boy.

The mockup above is about 20% smaller than the Game Boy Pocket, if that is any indication of how compact this device could potentially be.

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