Han Solo In Carbonite USB Desk Grommet

Han Solo in Carbonite USB Desk Grommet or Car Charger by Dave Delisle

Here is a Han Solo USB Desk Grommet that plugs into a desk grommet, obviously. This design could also come in a “car charger” variant that could plug into a cup holder. The base has LEDs that illuminate when a device is plugged in.


Han himself can store down below or be raised to access additional USB ports. He can be elevated simply for display purposes too, if you want to lord over your prize like Jabba the Hutt.

Power outlets could be placed on the back of Carbonite unit as well. There’s also room to feed through several cables, allowing the grommet to still be a grommet.

The Han Solo part would be a sculpted figure; apologies I just slapped an image of him onto a cube to convey the design.

One thought on “Han Solo In Carbonite USB Desk Grommet

  1. what about this, but as that space worm where they temporarily parked the millenium falcon, on an asteroid, at some point…

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