SEGA Genesis Cartridge Cover System


This is from the cutting room floor of the jewel case console design a few posts back. I went with that design because it could be used for ALL platforms, however I did start things off with a Genesis-only design, thought I’d share it here.

My initial goal was to create a compact video game system that can store in a shelf, and also combat dust when not in use, so the Genesis game cartridge cover came to mind.

Sega Genesis cartridge cover system by Dave Delisle

The case spine slides open like a spy camera in a James Bond film, revealing ALL the electronics (the HDMI and power ports are opposite the controller ports). The cover and the spine can store custom art if you prefer another look.

This could also apply to other systems, but many cartridge systems had cardboard boxes to store games back in the day, so they wouldn’t look as stealthy as this design.

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