Turbo Grafx 16 NES Clone Console


This was going to be my original approach for the previous NES clone console design, but once I settled on a clear plastic cover for the cartridge bay I opted for a Nintendo look. Thought I’d revisit the concept, which is a homage to the unloved TurboGrafx 16 (PC Engine in Europe/Japan). 

This is another front-loading console, with a wedge-shaped flap that folds down when a cartridge is inserted. I know the original TurboGrafx console had no cover for its cartridge pins, but you gotta keep the dust out.

Turbo Grafx 16 NES console by Dave Delisle

The TurboGrafx was ahead of its time, with cartridges (known as ‘Hucards’) small enough to work on a handheld device called the TurboExpress. Unfortunately none of its games captivated me in the same way Nintendo and SEGA did, so I’ve yet to play anything from its library of games. Anything worth seeking out?

One thought on “Turbo Grafx 16 NES Clone Console

  1. Tg16 blows away nin and sega,just about every literation of games that were on ninty and sega consoles were poor in comparison to the tg16 pc engine ports. Also remember that all three companies are japanese fisrt and foremost so when games came to ninty and sega consoles they were poorly translated and had things chopped out of them because ofthe culture differences making most of our ports poor and unoriginal.

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