NES Clone Console Design

NES clone design sleeve 2017 Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

I’ve been checking out these NES clone consoles that have come out recently for HD displays: the Retron 1 HD, Retro-Bit RES Plus, and the Gamerz Tek 8-Bit HD. I’m impressed that these complete systems all go for around $40. They all look decent, though I’m partial to the Retron design. That said I thought I’d put together my own design for a budget NES clone.

The only place I diverged is making my design a front-loading console, to mimic the original NES (and retroUSB’s AVS system, a pricier but top-of-the-line HD NES clone). Otherwise this is your typical budget clone layout.

Front-Loading NES Gif by Dave Delisle

In case you’re unawares the design of this console is a callback to the dust sleeve covers for the original NES cartridges. The sleeve design sits on a clear plastic door, designed to keep out the dust and provide a view of the inserted cartridge.

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