Magic 8-Ball Personal Assistant


The Magic 8-Ball is a toy that people interacted with much like they would with today’s personal assistants Alexa or Siri; they asked questions, the 8-Ball provided answers, albeit random ones. Amazon’s Echo Spot devices inspired me to draw up this design.

It works just like a personal assistant, but if you want it to behave like the Magic 8-Ball toy, start voice queries with “Magic 8-Ball” instead of Alexa. It will spawn some general replies that are displayed in blue triangles.

Magic 8-Ball: will there ever be a revival of the Firefly television show?


The cover is a privacy shield if you don’t want the camera looking. It can also be used to conceal 8-Ball answers if you want the element of surprise. The cover has to be manually operated, though I imagine it wouldn’t be hard to motorize this function.

This 8-ball could be given hundreds of random replies, or it could provide specific answers from Alexa. Some personality could be added, with answers containing humor or sarcasm. There’s a lot of potential for how it engages with users compared to the limitations of the original toy.

Note: there is another ‘8’ on the back so it will always be apparent this is an 8-Ball, even when the front cover is folded up.

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