Accessible Steering Controller


Logitech started selling some accessories for the excellent Xbox Adaptive Controller, so I thought I’d pitch this controller accessory. It could potentially allow gamers to drive a car with a single finger.

A single lever acts as the pedals. By default it’s a brake pedal, when pressed it’s the gas pedal. The lever is attached to a dial to make a steering wheel, which turns about 30 degrees in total (a full spin would be cumbersome).

Accessible steering control video games 2020 dave delisle dave's geeky ideas

An additional button is underneath the dial, further pressing the wheel down activates this. For car video games this would act as an emergency brake (for drifting and cornering).  It should work similarly to to the R3 and L3 buttons on a regular game controller. If there are a lot of unintended presses this may have to be disabled or removed completely.

I included a dimple to rest a finger on the lever, but it may not be necessary. As long as the lever has a grippy or textured surface this thing should work.

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