Physical Trophies And Achievements – Geek Spoils Part 2

Duck Hunt Trophy

In part 1 of the Geek Spoils series, I touched on the need for more geeky bravado that is in the same vein as a sports fan. And one of those bragging outlets would be the creation of trophies for geeks that celebrate (either genuinely or in humorous fashion) their geeky accomplishments.

Why limit yourself to those digital trophies that appear onscreen for a moment, and are accumulated in a digital profile, when you can have a real physical trophy sitting on your shelf?

I’m not saying Sony and Microsoft should distribute these. This should be a niche industry of products that geeks can acquire and customize as they see fit.

Plus I think we are in a day and age where video games are a legitimate sport. I also think a lot of this stuff would look cool on display (like Mr. Incredibles’ office, mentioned in Part 1).

Trophies I would like to see:

1. Big game kills. Like the Duck Hunt trophy above, this can depict a bad guy/end boss/opponent that you have taken down in battle. Right now a “I have defeated Super Meat Boy” trophy would be the ultimate boast. (Interesting note: this Duck Hunt Trophy was a late omission from the Geeky IKEA Furniture Series).

2. Plaques that list your many accomplishments. Like one of those ‘Employee-Of-The-Month’ plaques that are adorned with dozens of names, you can instead list all your top tier achievements. I think the trophy/engraving industry would get an uptick in business accomodating these.

3. Peripherals on display. I think it would look cool to display the NES Light Gun/SNES Super Scope Six in a gun rack of some sort. Not to make light of hunters or guns, but these are the kind of weapons I would like to see prominently displayed. Old controllers could also be enshrined in this fashion, perhaps even bronzed.

4. Team photos. I’m not sure if WoW guilds do this, but getting the whole gang together for a screen shot that would be framed would be a cool memento. An accompanying plaque listing everyone would be required. This can be done for any co-op/team game.

Some food for thought. I think geeks/gamers like to accessorize, so having that personal touch that is in keeping with what rabid sports fans do would be a very cool trend.


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