Super Metroid Monitor Mount

Super Metroid Monitor Station

Wouldn’t it be cool to recreate the title screen from Super Metroid with your computer monitors? Your workstation would turn into a science lab, complete with a captive Metroid as an eye-catching centerpiece.

This mount would feature LED lights, allowing it to double as a lamp. It could feature additional functions like a USB hub or device dock too. Actually you could skip the mount function and just make this a standalone lamp/USB hub as well, allowing you to place it anywhere. Audio sounds from the game would be great too; an animatronic Metroid (that squashes like the title screen) would be too tough to execute methinks.

Super Metroid Monitor Station

Obviously this wouldn’t be for those who like to keep their monitors close together for a seamless look. I prefer a noticeable gap to divide my tasks (art on one screen, iTunes or Netflix on the other). In fact, this idea came from the desk lamp I currently have parked between my monitors.

Shameless self-promotion time: if you liked that Super Metroid .gif I linked to earlier, I also made another one here (in case I haven’t mentioned it, yes I’m on Tumblr too — mostly just fiddling around).

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