Super Mario USB Gadgets

Nintendo USB products 2015 Dave Delisle

If Razer or Logitech ever had a lapse in judgement and offered me a job, I would pitch a bunch of Super Mario USB gadget designs, even though Nintendo has zero history of PC or Mac related ventures. You can never have enough Nintendo-themed stuff, in this blogger’s opinion.

Above from left to right: a Lakitu webcam, a Question Block thumb drive, and a Koopa mouse. I will probably do a keyboard and some speakers in a later post.

But wait, there’s more! I figured the Lakitu (who is sporting his frown from Mario 64) would make for an interesting selfie stick:

Super Mario Selfie Stick by davesgeekyideas

The Lakitu would be entirely ornamental, his camera would just be for decoration. It’s essentially adding a figurine to a selfie stick, for the lone amusement of making the Mario enemy your personal photographer.

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